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It is our hope is that this website will be helpful for anyone who seeks or desires to achieve sobriety and/or recovery, through the 12 Steps, as described in the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, commonly referred to as The Big Book. And, for those who desire to Sponsor others using the Big Book.

Over 300 Self-help Anonymous Organizations have grown over the last seven decades that has helped millions of individuals to recover from conditions as a result of using and adapting the 12 Step Recovery Program described in the Big Book, of Alcoholics Anonymous.

These Anonymous Organizations all had their start using the Big Book as their guide. They have solved problems with:

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AA Help for Alcoholic Addict Treatment Recovery

Alcohol and drinking problems.
Drug Addiction.
Narcotics Addiction.
Opiate Addictions.
Prescription Pill problems.
Over Eating problems.
Gambling problems.
Emotional problems.
Depression problems.
Sex problems.
Relationship problems.
Compulsive behavior problems. Meth addiction.
Cocaine Addiction.
Marijuana addiction.
Compulsive spending problems.
Income problems.
Debtors and Credit problems
And, the list goes on -- ad infinitum.

To show others -- precisely how to recover -- was the main purpose that the Big Book was written and first published in 1939. And, it continues to work -- for those who use and apply the instructions for recovery.

Our sole desire at Big Book Sponsors .com -- is to be helpful. The information here should not be used for or as a replacement or substitution for medical, professional or legal advice or opinion. If you have or suspect that you have a medical, professional, healthcare, or legal problem -- you should leave this website now -- and seek an appropriate professional to help you! The information here is intended to be for educational purposes only!

There are many Spiritual Tools and Spiritual Principles in the Big Book -- that are not affiliated or associated with secular or denominational religions. They are Natural Laws -- that have been used as spiritual disciplines -- for thousands of years. They have been shown to help those who seek or desire to achieve a Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Experiences. To establish and maintain a conscious contact with an individuals Higher Power -- which many prefer to call God, as THEY understand God.

On the other hand -- there are many unbelievers, agnostics and athiests -- who have also applied the principles of recovery in the Big Book -- and, they, too, have recovered from seemingly hopeless states of mind and body.

Big Book Sponsors .com is NOT affiliated, or associated with ANY Anonymous Organization or Religious Organization or Denomination or Non-religious Organization. We have no points to prove. We do not endorse nor are we intentionally endorsed by -- any organization. We have no desire to recruit or convert or to get anyone to join the membership of anything. Again -- we simply desire to be helpful to all.

It is our hope -- that you can find something useful here, that can help you, or help you to help someone else, or to help you learn and discover something -- that can be of assistance to you.

We will share with you, our experience of helping ourselves to recover -- and how we use the Big Book, to help others. We will share with you how we have used the Spiritual Principles and Natural Laws in the Big Book -- as a Design, for Successful Living! Then, if you like what you see in us -- and you want to try it for yourself -- you be the judge, and decide for yourself, if you would like to try it! That's entirely up to you.

We will also share OTHER recovery tools and spiritual laws that we have discovered and used, that have helped us to help ourselves -- and in our efforts to help others. IF and WHEN we are referring to a tool, or something that is NOT in the Big Book -- we will clearly identify it and inform you.

If you have a desire to become a Big Book Sponsor -- and help and Sponsor others using the Big Book -- or, to start your own Big Book Sponsors Groups, to carry the message of healing, hope and recovery, that is found in the Big Book -- we will do our best to assist you!

Please check back soon. We are working right now -- to prepare this site to be of service to you.

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